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Selling Basics – A Way Prerequisite

An explosive and complete curriculum of sales basics, techniques, and strategies that will give you a full education of professional sales in today’s market.

Sales Process

The 5 Step Breakdown of the Sales Process

Mindset, Sales & Overall Gems

Here you will find the most effective and complete course ever to be delivered in the fitness space on the close of the sale.

Locking Down Appointments

Being able to set appointments that show up will take you from average to elite regardless of what industry you’re in. Learn the importance and strategies calling to set appointments and take yourself to the next level.


Declare your financial freedom by building your arsenal of closes. Be prepared to use one or a combination of these closes after showing figures to the buyer and faced with an objection.

Building Your First Funnel

An explosive and complete curriculum on building your 1st Ad campaign to generate clients and members. This program will give you a full education of professional marketing in today’s market.

Phone Sales Mastery Certification

Master Closer Certification

Intro To Awareness Certification